The Ambassadors

The History Of Olympia

In 1935, George Gavrielides, a keen game hunter, started his small trading business in the town of Larnaca, of which one of its main commercial activities was the trading of imported game cartridges.

In 1961, Procopis Gavrielides takes over the cartridge business from his father and at the same time starts the production and trading of his own local made cartridges.

In 1965, the small business started a large-scale production of game and sporting cartridges under the brand name OLYMPIA and in 1970 the company made its first exports….

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The Products

The cartridges we are making are made of the highest materials. After years of research we are creating new and more efficient cartridges for the hunters as well as the gamers.

Olympia has high-tech modern manufacturing equipment and the technologically advanced computerized ballistic system of the company, ensure a uniform and high quality production.

Since the new website has been launched we have also decided to put more information online about the cartridges. You can see (almost) all the details needed for your personal best cartridge.

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