In 1935, George Gavrielides, a keen game hunter, started his trading business in the town of Larnaka of which one of its main commercial activities was the trading of imported game cartridges.

In 1960, Procopis Gavrielides takes over the cartridge business from his father and starts the production and trading of his own local made cartridges.

In 1965 the small business started a large-scale production of game and sporting cartridges. The First exports made in 1970 under the brand name OLYMPIA.

In 1976 the firm was registered as a Limited liability company under the name of Procopis G. Gavrielides Ltd. and next year was moved in its own new facilities in the Larnaka Industrial Area.

1985-1990 the volume of exports rose considerably and the production was upgraded by the introduction of new modern machinery and equipment. Olympia cartridges were homologated in Liege Proof House.

In 1995 ‘new blood’ enters the company in the face of Yiannis Gavrielides, son of the founder who takes over the sales and marketing department.

2007-2008 Sales continued to increase rapidly forcing the company to expand building facilities and production capacity.ing department.

2013 New building facilities next to the existing ones were purchased.

Today the company continues to expand. New machinery of 2018 technology started to be installed. OLYMPIA brand name is famous all over the world and is considered as a high-quality product entrusted by hunters and top shooters with world and European records. OLYMPIA shooters are frequently winning gold, silver, or bronze metals in shooting competitions all over the world. OLYMPIA’S success in game and competition lines, is based on proprietary technological production specially ranging from the correct use of the high-quality components, the modern mechanical equipment and specially on the owners’ experience. OLYMPIA cartridges are to-day exported successfully in over 28 countries